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Theseus and the MinotaurBewilder House is the last project of my training at Supinfogame. The original idea from Robin Vallery was to give the player a feeling of loss of bearings. The project was first called Minotaur, in reference to the greek mythology : the minotaur, half-human and half-bull, was kept in a labyrinth until he was killed by Theseus. But during the development of the game we decided to drop this mythological theme, and rather choose the universe of funhouses. The game became Bewilder House.

The gameplay is built around the gaming experience we wanted to convey : the loss of bearings. The game skews the player's perception with moving walls and rooms which are not in the place they should be. We also added an enemy tracking the player, in order for the game to be more dynamic and oppressing.

I integrated the team as its project manager. It is a role that I had fulfilled a few times before, and which I really enjoyed. I planned the production so as to have 20 minutes of a truly polished game with all the features expected for the 25th of June. We are now in the production phase, and my management tasks are essentially to monitor the project and make contact with the musicians and voice actors we need.

Bewilder House Labyrinth



Technical Specifications

Videogame based on the feeling of loss of bearings.

Release date : 06/24/13

Production : 9 months

Technology : Unity3D

Team Members

Game Artists:

  • Marine Dunstetter
  • Alexis Sarremejane

Game Designers:

  • Valentin Heutte
  • Robin Vallery
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